FBA LCL By Sea From China to USA

First of all, we should know what is the FBA LCL?

In fact, LCL is because the goods of different shippers are assembled together in a container, so it is called LCL . However, our operation mode is different from the traditional LCL. Our company is a cross-border e-commerce logistics company, focusing on FBA shipping from China to the United States. There are two different LCL transportation modes, one is by sea +UPS delivery, the other is by sea + truck delivery. We have 4 water boats in Los Angeles every week, with fast time transfer and low price. Can provide double clear package tax to the door service, can be delivered to any address in the United States, such as Amazon address, business address and private address.

Why do we choose FBA LCL By sea?

Under normal circumstances, we will choose ocean LCL to operate the delivery when the quantity mailed by the shipper is short of full container. The sorting, packing, gathering, packing (unpacking) and delivery of LCL cargo are all stopped at the container terminal or inland container transfer station at the carrier's terminal. Our company provide garment, furniture, lighting, electronic products, bags, shoes and hats, auto parts and other industries of professional ocean LCL door to door transportation solutions from China to United States. For a long time with Matson clipper, ZIM clipper, EXX clipper contract, the customer has been cooperating with our service time experience is good, give a lot of affirmation !


We will tell you the detailed process of LCL FBA shipping

1. The customer prepares the goods, affixes the inside and outside label.

2. Contact us for warehouse receipt and supply Shipment ID and Reference ID to the company.

3. Deliver the goods to the company's warehouse in China (the list of products provided by the customer in electronic version).

4. The company stopped inspection, after that pallets, and external labels (the customer needs to provide the electronic label of the external container to the company, in order to prevent the LCL goods from becoming cloudy).

5. Goods into the bonded warehouse, the company placement of packing, customs clearance and export and ship.

6. Goods to the intended port, the company placement customs clearance.

7. The company helps customers book the delivery time of FBA warehouse.

8. Delivery to FBA warehouse as agreed.